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BWRT® Coaching and Weight Management

Why choose BWRT® Coaching?

An exciting and dynamic methodology combining the best of BWRT Level 1 and Terence Watts Warriors, Settlers & Nomads.

This combination allows you to work on almost anything where guidance and ‘hand holding’ is required, from individual who just cannot seem to make relationships work, helping the budding entrepreneur on their way to becoming a self-made millionaire, to the CEO of a major corporation who fears he might be losing out to competitors in some way.

A Step Ahead

The BWRT® Coaching programme is itself a step ahead – several steps ahead in fact – of more traditionally based methods because it searches out and resolves the hidden conflicts and contraindicators that are inherent in the human psyche. It will allow you to provide effective help with:

Performance Enhancement, Career ladder-climbing, Battles at boardroom level, Entrepreneurship Sports Performance, Life Goals, Group Facilitation, Management Issues, Relationship Problem, Weight Management 
In fact, anywhere where coaching is needed the BWRT programme reaches parts of the psyche other parts don’t even observe!

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